DSC07160+I am on the quest for the perfect bottle of wine. I am not interested in the perfectly made bottle that was awarded the top score from the critics. Rather, I‘m searching for that bottle that becomes perfect when paired with the right food. The relationship between wine and food goes two ways: Wine can complement the flavors of the food it is paired with. At the same time, food can enhance and enrich the flavors of the wine it is served with. In this blog, I will feature bottles of wine from different parts of the world and try to pair each of them with the right foods in order to create the perfect bottle!

I am not a wine expert or a chef and this blog will be very much a learning experience for me. For each post, I will do the research about the chosen bottle of wine. I may be familiar with the aromas and tastes of some of the bottles I write about while some bottles will be completely new to me. I will go forward from this research to plan the perfect meal to go with the perfect bottle. Sometimes, I will try classic pairings (like goat cheese and Alsace Riesling or foie gras and Sauternes). Sometimes, I will choose the food based on an educated guess that I formed while conducting my research and, as such, there will be some trial and error involved.

I moved to Abu Dhabi in 2010. While there are liquor stores and plenty of restaurants that serve alcohol here, the selection of wines they offer leave much to be desired. Not only is the selection smaller than I’d like, the wines are also way overpriced (hard liquor on the other hand is quite reasonably priced, for some reason), and the wines are improperly stored. As a result, I rely mostly on my travels for tasting and purchasing good bottles of wine.

This blog will combine my three passions: wine, food, and travel.  I will explore the relationship between food & wine. I will travel to get ideas for interesting pairings, bottles, and food items (it is not uncommon for me to leave for a trip with a suitcase that weighs 20 pounds and come back with one that weighs 120 pounds by the end of the trip – oh yes, I love shopping for food and wine!).

My writings will be primarily about:

  • Cooking at home with meals planned exclusively to complement a bottle of wine that I’ve brought back from a trip
  • Information on the amazing restaurants I’ve tried while traveling with information on the food and the wine selection and how the wine paired with my food

At times, I will also write about:

  • Interesting food items I come across
  • Information on wineries that I had a chance explore and the bottles of wine that I tasted
  • And all other things wine, food, and travel related!

Through the work I put in to this blog, I hope to improve my knowledge of food and wine as well as to share this information with you. As the picture below shows, I’m always my happiest around food and wine so I’m really looking forward to working on this blog. So let’s start cooking, eating, and drinking!



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