An unforgettable trip to the Seychelles

I was recently in the Seychelles and what a trip it was! Absolutely beautiful country, gorgeous beaches, and charming people. We stayed in some lovely villas:


And of course the food was amazing – being made up of islands, Seychellois cuisine features a lot of seafood. Octopus is a specialty that I particularly loved! You can get it as a salad:


I’ve always been a bit intimidated by cooking octopus because it is so easy to end up with a tough and rubbery texture. But this was so soft and tender! We brought an assyrtiko (that I had gotten on my last trip to Greece). It was a bottle of 2014 Wild Ferment by Gaia. It was a super crisp and citrussy. A perfectly refreshing glass of wine to drink with the tropical weather of the Seychelles. And precisely because this is such a light and refreshing wine, I would not choose pair it with richer and more complicated preparations of octopus but it worked perfectly with this light octopus salad.


You can also get octopus as a curry. It was cooked and served with some cinnamon leaves. I don’t think I’ve ever had cinnamon leaves in food before so this was super interesting.


With this dish, a fragrant wine like a riesling, gewurztraminer or a sauvignon blanc would work great. But sometimes, you just crave a beer and I had the local beer instead – Seybrew. I think lager and mild curries work really well together!


While in Praslin, one of the beaches we visited was Anse Georgette. This beach is simply amazing! It is definitely my favorite in the Seychelles.


At Anse Georgette, we also arranged for a picnic through Constance Lemuria. We ordered bento boxes that had the local specialties, including grilled seafood, prawn pancakes and octopus.


They had a great wine list and we chose a 2013 Skurfberg by the Sadie Family in South Africa.


This wine had lots of fruit aromas – white fruits as well some citrus (which I think complemented the seafood superbly. I always prefer wines with citrus to pair with seafood rather than putting lemon directly on the food, which I find often overpowers its delicate flavors.). There is a bit of oak in this wine but not too much – it is still quite fresh. Overall, this is a superb bottle of chenin blanc!

They sell coconuts by the beach and I had to get one.


And you are constantly surrounded by nature so if you don’t guard your coconuts, the animals will come and get them 😉



There are some fabulous beaches in the Seychelles. Besides Anse Georgette, we also visited Anse Lazio in Praslin:


Grande Anse in La Digue:


Petit Anse in La Digue:


And Anse Cocos in La Digue:


When you’re at the beaches, it feels like paradise and I will definitely be back! In the mean time, I’ll be thinking about the Seychelles as I drink the local rum that I brought back.



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One response to “An unforgettable trip to the Seychelles”

  1. truthsayer888 says :

    Wow! What a cool vacation!! I loved the shots of the food, the wine, local brew (curiously no comment on the Sey Brew taste/quality), the ocean, and the beach. My favorite is the one with you standing on the soft white sandy beach holding/offering the coconut, with the azure sky and water melding together in the background. Thank you for a fantastic piece. I want to go to the Seychelles!

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