Holiday baking and glühwein

It’s Christmas and I got inspired by Pinterest to do some holiday baking. I’m not the best baker and I expected all of my attempts to end up on Buzzfeed’s Pinterest fail list. To my delight, everything turned out much much better than I expected! Here’s what I made:

Peppermint bark, which has got to be my favorite thing to eat around the holidays.


Peanut butter cookies with Hershey’s Kiss Christmas trees.


Spice bread with cream cheese frosting.

spice bread

And what better wine to serve with these sweets than glühwein!

Glühwein is German mulled wine and it is sweet enough to be a great accompaniment for sweet treats. It also has such spices as cinnamon and cloves, making it the perfect drink to complement and highlight Christmas flavors.


Happy holidays everyone!

happy holidays


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2 responses to “Holiday baking and glühwein”

  1. Ana says :

    What champagne are you drinking for NYE?

  2. that perfect bottle says :

    A 2008 Louis Roederer rosé. A great bottle! And a great pairing with that is a ripe Chaource cheese 🙂

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